Wall Braces

might-brace-anchorsIf you are looking for a quality foundation repair without the unsightly digging around your house, then you may want to consider the Mighty Brace System. This is a permanent repair that with straighten the wall in your basement that is bowed or cracked. It is fastened to the floor joists and provides reinforcement to the effected wall and over time will push the wall back to its original position, just as Mother Nature pushed it in. We are your here to provide you with wall braces Iowa.

The Might Brace System will work on concrete, masonry and tile walls. The system does NOT require outside excavation and there is no removal of any of your basement floor. This means no tearing up your yard. This quick repair will leave you with a permanently straight basement wall. Your basement walls are important as they are the base of your home’s foundation.

Your foundation can settle even if it’s a new home. It’s our job to make sure that we repair it before it gets worse. We don’t just repair your home we fix it right. Your foundation may settle because of different reasons.

Some of the reasons your walls start to bow or crack is from water. Make sure that you have proper Interior Drainage and Exterior Drainage set into place. This will help the basement from flooding cause more damage to your foundation. Another cause of your settling foundation may be from the expansion and contraction of the soils under and around your home will lead to cracking walls in your home. Regardless if you have a wall crack or shift in your floor it’s best to get it checked by one of our professionals on our team.

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