Success Stories of Dry-Basement Waterproofers

I was very pleased with the waterproofing done in my basement by Dry-Basement Waterproofing. I was especially impressed with the respect the workers had for each other, and for my property. My floors and patio were well protected from dirt and stuff that could have been tracked in. The basement floor was cleaner when they left than when they came. My clean-up was the dust on the shelves and stuff I had not covered well enough. Good job!

Helen Welch
Fayette, IA


After 3 years of water flowing through my walls and trying everything to fix it (including: changing the landscape outside, new gutters, tar, digging to the footing and resealing, dry lock, and getting mad/frustrated) I decided to get a professional quote. Then, wanting to do my research and be a smart consumer, I got 3 more quotes.

All 4 companies offered similar services and products. I chose Dry-Basement Waterproofing because Mark Lucas is a reliable, honest businessman. His bid on the project was the lowest. His knowledge and experience is equal to that of the competition and the products he used carry the same lifetime warranty. In addition to getting the job done right, Mark and his staff were courteous, punctual, and neat. I would recommend Dry-Basement Waterproofing to waterproof your basement as well. By writing this testimonial I hope to save you time and money and assure you that you are making a wise decision by choosing Dry-Basement Waterproofing.

p.s. The pictures I took before the system was installed showed area that had been drying for days!!! Believe me when I say there were inches of standing water! So glad I don’t deal with that anymore! Thanks again Mark 🙂

Brandon Rudkin
Coralville, IA


A note of appreciation for the waterproofing your company provided me last fall. Your company made every effort to complete the work quickly and efficiently. The cleanup was immaculate and I would recommend your company to anyone looking for honest and money saving ideas for a dry basement. It was very important to me to have trustworthy individuals in my home. I have not even a leak and am sorry I did not have it done earlier.

Ed Winfield, Susie Wieneke
West Liberty, Iowa


My wet basement is now dry, dry, dry! A dry basement gives a sense of comfort and security which is hard to beat and Dry-Basement Waterproofing does quality work. Thanks for a fair price, an efficient work completion and a no-mess place.

Clara O.
West Branch, IA


I am writing this note in my appreciation of the work you did in my home. I can say after years of wet basement problems, I no longer have even a leak. The consideration of your time frame to get the work done was amazing to say the least.

Your professionalism was beyond all expectations. I would recommend you business to anyone looking for a fair price, quick finish time, and the follow up consideration.

Colleen Heither
Muscatine, IA


We have experienced water in our basement off and on for almost 30 years living at this location. We have installed new gutters and maintained those gutters on a regular basis. We installed a makeshift sump system at the lowest point of the basements. All these activities did not maintain a dry basement.
The employees working on the project were very courteous and clean. They went to great efforts to keep the interior of our house clean on a daily basis.

The job was finished in under a week. Just in time for the next major rainfall accumulation. We were deluged with over 7 inches of rain during a two day period along with the already soaked soil condition. Under normal circumstances, we would have experiences water throughout our basement. Since we had Dry-Basement Waterproofing come in and install the necessary drain tile around the interior of the house, we have not experienced water leakage whatsoever. I was truly impressed with their quality of work, cleanliness during the construction period and follow up. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is experiencing water problems in their basement.

Joe Paricka
Waterloo, IA


The purpose of this note is to highly recommend Dry-Basement Waterproofing to Iowa City, a business owned and run by Mark Lucas. I contacted Mark Lucas in early June 2010 and asked him to come to my house to inspect some water leakage issues I had been having with my basement. Mark responded to my request by making an on sight visit to my house within 24 hours of my initial contact. Upon a very thorough and complete inspection of my basement he provided me a few options that I could consider with some variations in costs. He also, within those options, made his own recommendation of the option he felt was most applicable to my interests and needs, both short term and long term. I asked Mark for some recommendations from some past customers and he presented three to me on the spot. I was already aware of one of these satisfied customers who were so very pleased with the work that had been done on their property.

I was totally satisfied with Mark’s inspection and his options he presented. I was also very much in agreement with his recommendation that aligned with my needs. Mark and his crew were at my house three days later to start the installation of a Drain Tile System, a system he guaranteed would solve my water leakage problem. Mark projected the job might take four or five days, though he had all the work completed within four days. The whole operation was done with very little, is any disruption of uses of our house. The crew was extremely conscious of causing and disruptions while they completed their job. The workers were also always more than please to answer any of my questions as the work was being done. The crew did a very thorough job of keeping things clean throughout the job and was extremely conscious about cleaning their work area before their final departure.

Needles to say June of 2010 continued to be a very wet month as did July and August. I am very pleased to say that with all the rain during the entire summer of 2010, that after the system was installed, I had absolutely no issues with water leakage in my basement. My wife and I left in mid August for a 10 day vacation, and my complete confidence in the work that had been done led to a nice relaxing, worry free time, away from my house.

I offer my strongest recommendation for you to consider Dry-Basement Waterproofing as I’m obviously a very pleased customer with the end results I hoped for. I would be pleased if Mark Lucas, upon your request, would refer you to contact me if you had any questions. Thank you.

Mark S. Warner
Iowa City, IA


Are you encountering problems with water seeping up through cracks in your basement floor or penetrating though the mortar in your old concrete block wall joints? If you are, you need to contact the Dry-Basement waterproofing expert, Mark Lucas, and arrange for an onsite meeting. It’s usually a good sign when the person who comes out to estimate the job is not only the owner of the business, but is also very actively involved in the physical solution to the problem.

With the first onsite visit, Mark explains in layman’s terms what exactly will be done. He listens to all of the customer’s questions and answers them completely. You very quickly feel comfortable with the expertise level he possesses. His associate, Shane, has over 15 years of experience with working with basement problems. The two-man team are ready to tackle your wet basement problem.

They come early and stay late. Did I mention that they arrive when they said they would begin work and finish buy the deadline they negotiated? The pre-work organization and attention to maintaining a clean worksite is outstanding and continues throughout the whole job.

If any problems arise, the Dry-Basement Waterproofing guys respond quickly and come up with a workable solution. It was very nice to see that someone still really takes pride in their work and that it meets/exceeds all the criteria that was laid out in the initial contract.

I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend Dry-Basement Waterproofing as a foundation repair contractor to correct a wet basement problem.

A Satisfied Customer,
Mike Sullivan
Coralville, IA


My basement hasn’t been the same since you installed the drain tile waterproofing systemand sump pump April 23rd… it’s dry!!! Now I can start using my basement without the worry of water damage.
I highly recommend using Dry-Basement Waterproofing to anyone. Their service is quick and considerate, as well as a great after ob clean-up.

Suzanne Holst
Vinton, IA


We, Marilyn and I, both appreciated your casual sales approach and lack of pressure in making a decision on the best way to proceed with our bowed basement wall problems; also in checkin the rest of the foundation. At the same time I’m sure you would have steered us form a wrong solutions. I feel I know you on a first name basis. I’m no engineer, but the way you reinforced the joists sold me on the quality of your method. Marilyn even commented on the way you cleaned the area after completion, and even washing down the basement steps.

There is more to be done and I’m sure you will be the wont we will call when the time comes.

Edmund Travis
Davenport, IA


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