Helical Piers

What are helical piers and what are they used for? You might have heard of helical piers before, but you have probably never paid much attention to them until you begin to notice that your home is in need of repair. So the question is, how do helical piers help you regain foundation stability and safety in your home?

Foundation stability and safety are incredibly important when considering a new home, or even fixing up an older house. The foundation is the main structure that holds the whole home together, and so, if it breaks down and falls apart, you may have an issue on your hands. A settling foundation can be caused by many different factors, such as age, deterioration, shrinkage, roots, and water. Foundation settling can be a problem, but luckily, helical piers are an easy fix for such a problem!

About Helical Piers

Invented ecp helical piers IAby Alexander Mitchell, an Irish engineer in the 1830’s helical piers provided more support for structures than any other method preceding it. Helical piers get their strength from their cork screw-like shape. They are screwed into the ground until they reach stable soil. Once they have reached a sufficient depth and soil composition a bracket is placed on the footing. This bracket ensures that the helical pier is attached to the structure permanently. Helical piers were used to support light houses in the 1800’s, lighthouses that are still standing today. They continue to be a great product that will secure and stabilize your home while bringing you peace of mind.

If you are in need of helical piers in Iowa then Dry-Basement Waterproofing is the company for you. Each of our helical piers can hold up to 200,000 pounds and they are great for commercial and residential buildings. Helical piers are a great choice for you because they don’t require huge spaces for site access. They can usually be installed with a mini excavator. Installation is also extremely fast compared to concrete slab foundations.

There are many advantages to having helical piers installed on your property. Pier foundations can be installed faster and cause less damage to your site, then other kinds of foundation. They are very long lasting. They go well with almost all types of soil. Their strength and integrity are confirmed to be unlike concrete, which can vary in quality and strength. Finally, helical piers are 5% to 10% less costly than a standard concrete foundation. If the lot is especially steep, then helical piers are the only way to install and repair foundations. A custom concrete foundation on steep lots like these would cost substantially more money. At Dry-Basement Waterproofing, we care about our customers, we want to provide you with the most cost-efficient and effective project.

Our Helical Pier Products

Our ECP product helical piers are a staple in our foundation repair services. Helical piers can lift and stabilize home. They are driven deep into bedrock–stable soil–which makes this a very reliable and permanent solution. Because of this, helical piers have become a common structural device for residential and commercial foundation jobs. You can also use our screw piers for slab foundations, porches, and light weight work. This makes helical piers so versatile depending where you need them to support your foundation.

There are many reasons to use a helical anchor. Helical anchors are easy to install, can be installed in any type of weather, and they cause little to no vibration. If you are worried about the installation tearing up your yard, don’t worry, helical anchors cause little to no disturbance to the job site. There are many different helical piers which can be helpful. Since not all foundation issues are the same you might need different sizes or strengths in order to properly secure your home or building’s foundation.

Helical piers are a wonderful choice when deciding about what method to use to repair your foundation. One of the best things about a helical pier is that it can be tested. Upon installation, helical piers are load tested in order to prove their capability. Helical piers are a strong choice, especially when there is a need to resist some sort of tension or force, such as a settling foundation. This makes helical piers a terrific choice, and no doubt you will come out of the experience with a safer and more secure foundation.

New Construction Helical Piers Iowa

helical piers IowaA new trend underway is installing helical piers under new construction footings in residential areas. Helical piers have been used in commercial areas for awhile now for foundation repair, and just now they are starting to use them on residential areas. No more shallow concrete foundations or spread footings! Our Earth Contact Products helical piers go deep into the soil and is a great foundation element to add to your new home.

Because of our active soils, most new homes tend to settle and shift, but not anymore. With helical piers installed right away under your new structure, you will have deep footings that will reach past the active soils and into the hard rock soils that will keep your house stabilized. Another great part is that helical piers can be installed in any weather condition with quickness and ease. You won’t have to worry about concrete time delays, and no risk of improper concrete piers.

Each pier can take over 200,000 pounds per pier of weight. Helical piers are now more popular than ever when considering your options for foundation repair. Our service here in Iowa gives you the peace of mind you have been looking for when building your new home or repairing an existing home.  Call us today to schedule a FREE estimate. We can assure that we are your leading helical pier Iowa service provider.