Grain Bin Foundation Repair

grainbinfoundationrepairGrain bins present unique but manageable foundation situations. Much like a slab garage, grain bins do not have a solid foundation that reaches below the frost line. Above this base rests thousands of bushels of corn or beans that can cause the bin foundation to shift and crack. A 9,000-bushel bin base will be supporting 500,000 pounds of grain plus the weight of the bin itself. We are your service provider for grain bin foundation repair Iowa.

When your foundation moves and settles you may begin to notice visible cracks within the slab, holes where rodents can enter, or even evidence that the bin has begun to separate from the base, pulling loose the anchor bolts. If these problems are overlooked you may get insects and rodents living within your grain storage. You may also end up with mold problems and the expense of wasted LP gas as the dryer air escapes through the cracked base.

Preventing Grain Bin Foundation Problems in Iowa

Be sure that routine inspection is part of your maintenance plan to prevent structural issues. It isn’t unusual to find small hairline cracks in the foundation. If the cracks are larger than that you must determine the cause. Letting these conditions continue without determining the cause and then making repairs can lead to major bin failure. If the problem is at a stiffener you may be at risk for serious damage to the bin. If one stiffener isn’t able to hold up the load it was designed for, the weight will be transferred to adjacent stiffeners. Under these risky conditions, there could be stiffener or sidewall buckling. Concrete cracking away from the top or side of the foundation wall also is a warning signal that something isn’t right. If this situation occurs, you need to get some of the grain out of the bin to lessen the load on the foundation. Our skilled crew would be able to drill holes through the base and pump grout underneath the base. By filling in any crack or open area we would be able to return your bin to a safe and functional storage facility.

The bin’s base is another reason for foundation issues. Make sure the load from the stiffeners are correctly transferred to the concrete footer. It is normal to have a gap between the stiffeners and the concrete. By inserting shims underneath the stiffeners, the load will properly transfer.

Check to see if the base is properly sealed. If the base is not sealed, the bin’s base may rust due to moisture inside the bin and destroy the anchor bolts that are attached to the stiffeners. Rust could also ruin the grain. When the bin is completely emptied, clean the area thoroughly, then dry it. Repaint the sheet and seal the joints to prevent rusting.

Let us be your partner to solve any foundation problems you may encounter on your farm. We’ll do our best to ensure that your grain bin foundation remains strong and functional. Remember, without a solid base many things can go wrong. Don’t jeopardize your investment by overlooking problems within your grain bin foundation repair Iowa.