Foundation Repair

steel push piers and foundation repair IAIn Eastern Iowa, the soil can get pretty dry in the summer and it tends to crack if not taken care of. Over time, this can increase the chances of foundation failure. If you suspect foundation issues, contact our professionals. Some of the signs to look for are bowing walls, cracked walls, and sticking doors/windows.

Foundation Repair Products

We have a multitude of foundation repair products for securing foundation, such as:

  • Helical Piers and Steel Push Piers: Both products are designed to provide a stable and secure foundation. These piers are driven deep into the ground until they reach a solid soil level, then the entire structure is lifted onto the piers to level and stabilize the structure.
  • Wall Anchors: Wall anchors help alleviate the pressure your walls are experiencing. They are also a very economic choice due to the fact that they are less invasive than other foundation repair techniques.

Basement Foundation Repair

If you have a shallow basement, it has a better chance of moving within different seasons. This is caused by temperature changes and inconsistent levels of moisture. If the water content in the soil around your foundation is high, this can hydrostatic pressure around your foundation walls. As the pressure increases, walls can become susceptible to bowing, leaning or even cracking.

If the soil around your home is dry, the ground shrinks, which can cause your home to settle and sink. If this occurs you will notice drywall cracks, settling front porch steps, or cracking garage columns.

Basement Repair Products

Foundation repair Eastern IowaWe use the following ECP products to repair basements:

  • Wall Crack Injections: We use a polyurethane for wall injections that can fill the cracks in your foundation. This will keep the water from finding its way in through a crack, and also provide strength and stability to the wall.
  • Earth Plate Wall Anchors: Earth plate wall anchors are a solution for bowed wall repair and cracked wall repair. Because they act as a supplemental lateral force, they help stabilize your bowed and cracked basement walls. They aren’t as invasive as other solutions because of the handheld tools that are used. This means we can be in and out of your home and yard with very little disturbance, and the job can be done rather quickly, which means a savings for you!
  • Steel Push Piers: Steel push piers ensure no soil movement underneath foundations. They are hydraulically driven down into the soil beneath your foundation. Your home’s weight is transferred from unstable soils to sturdy rock solid piers. They are designed to permanently secure your home in place.

To learn more about our repair solutions, contact us today. We offer free estimates for cities of Iowa area.

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