Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have a Foundation Problem? If so, what causes this?

If your home is beginning to short or settle it can be caused by various variables. Before you can go ahead and repair your foundation … Full Article


What choices do I have for Foundation Repair?

This day and age homeowners have many choices when faced with a structural foundation … Full Article


My basement walls and floor are wet. What should I do and what causes my wet floor and wet basement walls?

This is a common problem in the spring and fall seasons. This is usually because there is no running furnace or air conditioner circulating the air… Full Article


Is a Sump Pump really necessary?

I assess damaged houses for a living, and I have concluded that if all homeowners were … Full Article


I have noticed wall cracks in my basement. What does this mean?

Cracks in the walls of your basement and livable floors of your home can be caused by many exterior elements. Concrete shrinkage can occur when your home is built, and the cracks will not show up until later on … Full Article


My windows and doors are starting to stick. Should I be worried?

The answer is yes. The compaction of the soil shifts and changes and this allows for movement and shifting of your home’s foundation. It can also be caused from the expansion and contraction of the soils due to evaporation and settling … Full Article