Crawl Space Vapor Barriers for Encapsulation

Although most homeowners do not realize it, the crawlspace is a vital component to any home. Keeping your crawlspace well maintained will contribute to the overall stability and safety of your home. Many homes with crawlspace foundations suffer from poor moisture control. If your crawlspace develops a moisture issue, it is important to have it fixed as soon as possible, as moisture in the crawlspace could lead to various problems in the entire home.

A few common signs of moisture issues in your crawl space include:

  • Condensation on ductwork, pipes, or insulation
  • Pooling water or damp floors
  • Buckled wood floors
  • Uneven or sloped floors
  • Crawlspace mold
  • Insect infestation

If moisture finds its way into your crawlspace, there is a chance that mold could develop. You may not think mold in the crawlspace is a serious issue, since you do not spend much time crawling around down there. What you probably do not know, however, is that much of the air you breathe throughout the house comes from your crawlspace or basement. This means that you and your family could potentially be exposed to the mold infected air! Other problems that can result from moisture in the crawlspace include wood rot, warped floors, and water damage.

Why is Crawlspace Encapsulation Important?

crawl space vapor barriers IowaThe best way to waterproof your crawlspace is with a method called crawlspace encapsulation. Crawl space encapsulation is the installation of a vapor barrier along the interior of the crawl space to prevent moisture from entering the area. A vapor barrier is a damp proofing material, usually made of foil or plastic sheeting, that is installed to seal out moisture. We use poly crawlspaces that are 10 to 20 mil thick, puncture resistant, and high tensile. These durable liners will prevent the transmission of water vapor from the ground outside to the interior of your crawlspace, keeping the space completely dry.

Having a vapor barrier installed in your crawlspace will give you confidence that your home will not suffer from such problems as high humidity, water damage, and poor air quality. A vapor barrier can also save you money on your energy bills, as it will reduce the humidity in your home; if the air in your home is too humid, it is harder to regulate, and your HVAC systems have to work harder to heat and cool the humid air. Not only will a vapor barrier work to keep moisture out of your home, but it will also provide a layer of insulation that keeps your floors warmer, helps regulate air temperatures, and protects your pipes.

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crawl space vapor barrier encapsulation