Crawl Space Repair in Iowa

crawl space repair IowaWater and moisture can be a huge problem for Iowa homeowners that have a crawlspace. Some of the common symptoms of a crawl space moisture issue are:

  • Mold or water damage in the crawl space
  • Musty odors in the living areas
  • Condensation on air conditioning ductwork, insulation, and water pipes
  • Buckled hardwood floors
  • High humidity in the living area
  • Insect infestations
  • Rot in wooden framing

If you do notice these problems, especially after heavy rains, it is a good idea to have your crawl space inspected.

What causes moisture in crawl spaces? For many years, outside air has been the number one source of ventilation for moisture control in crawl spaces. What you have not been told is that in the spring and summer when the outside air is humid, you are only creating a bigger problem. New research has proven that NO outside ventilation is the way to go. By installing a water drain and heavy ground vapor barrier, you can control moisture and reduce your heating and cooling bill.

Crawl Space Repair Solutions

crawl space repair encapsulation IAInstalling a crawl space vapor barrier is the first line of defense against high humidity and poor indoor air quality. These poly crawlspace encapsulation barriers are 10 to 20 mil thick, puncture resistant and made of a high tensile strength material that stops soil moisture from entering the space from the soil. These type of liners encapsulate the crawlspace so that moisture cannot attack exposed wood and create mold and mildew.

Water prevention can also be obtained by installing the same crawl space vapor barriers on your basement walls to prevent moisture permeation. In doing so, you will be creating one continuous vapor barrier all the way from the ground up. This will create a permanent barrier against water vapor.

crawl space repair and piers IAFor those homes that have extremely wet crawl spaces and standing water, a drainage system and sump pump can be installed prior to the liner. In doing this, you will have a crawl space that has a water control system in place so the crawl space can be encapsulated without the worry of water seeping onto the liner.

Installing vents and dehumidifying the crawl space are the last steps to waterproofing your space. Sealing the space prevents the outside air from settling in the space creating condensation and promoting the growth of mold and mildew. There have been many studies done proving that a sealed crawl space creates a healthier and more energy efficient home due to the elimination of humidity fluctuations, especially when done in conjunction with a dehumidifier in the new controlled air environment.

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