Common Structural Problems

Common Structural Problems in IowaThe best way to improve the quality and safety of your home is to identify signs that may lead to costly repairs in the future if not addressed.  Bug infestations, rotting wood, wet drywall, mold, and mildew are just a few of the problems caused by structural impurities.

The following are just a few symptoms of a bigger structural issue:

If your home is cold, damp, or uncomfortable – addressing these types of structural problems can make your home more comfortable and even save money in utility costs.

Repair Options for Structural Problems in Iowa

Structural Problems and Repair IAWe offer a wide array of repair techniques and the best pricing available. So whether it is foundation repair, water management, or concrete leveling, we have a solution for you.

Did you know that dusty rooms can be a sign of structural problems?  Yes, increased dust could be a sign that your ductwork is not aligned causing gaps that the dust can penetrate.  The misaligned ductwork could be because of a foundation that is not level.

What is that smell?  Mold, mildew or musty odors can be caused by wood rot, high humidity, and moisture.  As moisture evaporates, humidity increases and mold growth begins.  If you smell a musty odor, check your home for cracks in the walls, floors, and slabs.  These cracks are most likely caused by a faulty foundation.