Carbon Fiber Repair

image of a brick wall with a repair. When your foundation settles or moves, it can cause the walls of your basement to bow or lean. If your home was built on expansive clay and too much moisture builds up around your foundation, this can also lead to bowing walls. As the water pressure increases, cracking can occur and water will find its way into your home.

Dry-Basement Waterproofing uses Fortress Carbon Fiber for bowing wall repair. You can reinforce concrete walls that have bowed and cracked with carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a less expensive, reliable solution versus using I-beams which is very expensive to install. Carbon fiber technology uses sheets of carbon fiber in combination with Fortress epoxies to repair foundations with very little obtrusiveness. You can paint right over the carbon fiber so that is barely viable.

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Common Questions about Carbon Fiber Repairs

image of a before and after of carbon fiber repair on a foundation wall. Is it possible for carbon fiber repairs to make basement walls straight again?

Wall braces and anchors are more likely used to straighten walls, but carbon fiber adds strength to prevent any further movement of foundation walls.

Is carbon fiber repair for foundation walls a proven solution? 

While carbon fiber is a rather new technology, Fortress carbon fiber is a proven solution to add strength to foundation walls. Read through a number of case studies they provide to see situations where carbon fiber was the best solution for foundation repairs.

Can carbon fiber be used for crack repair?

Yes, concrete crack repair is possible using carbon fiber staples in conjunction with epoxy injections to fill the void.

To see if carbon fiber repairs are right for you, contact the team at Dry Basement Waterproofing. It is important to have your Iowa home inspected if you notice foundation problems such as sloping floors, ceiling cracks, or concrete cracks to see if foundation repairs are needed, and also to see if carbon fiber is the best solution for your problem.