When Is a Wall Crack Serious?

diagonal concrete crack in Cedar Rapids home

What Causes Wall Cracks? We’ve been working on many homes in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids this summer. We have had a lot of questions from homeowners on how serious cracks are in their homes. We get it, if you have noticed cracks in your basement walls, you probably wondered whether the crack was minor

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Bowing Walls in Your Iowa Basement?

What Causes Bowing Walls? When you first start noticing that you have bowing walls in your basement, chances are that the problem has been going on for a long time. Usually bowing walls are caused by hydrostatic (water) pressure from the soil outside of the foundation. When the pressure of the soil exceeds the holding

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Problems with Poor Yard Drainage?

After recent heavy rains, Dry-Basement Waterproofing has received many calls from Iowa homeowners because of wet basements and crawl spaces. Frequently these problems are due to poor drainage from yards, sidewalks, driveways, and patios which have slow runoff or drain toward the foundation. Poor yard drainage is a common problem in Iowa and can lead

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Problems with a Damp Crawl Space?

While many homeowners don’t realize it, the crawl space is an important area in the home. Having a leaking or moist crawl space can cause many problems in a home, including poor air quality, insects, mold, dry rot, and structural damage. Repairing or encapsulating a crawlspace not only solves these problems but also increases energy

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Flooded Basement after Recent Heavy Rains?

Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Might see Wet Basements This Weekend

This past month has brought record rainfall to many parts of Iowa. Many homeowners in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and other Iowa communities have been dealing with flooded basements, flooded sump pump wells, power outages, and sump pump failure. Heavy rainfall can produce many of the following problems in your basement: Leaking through wall cracks and floor

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