Basement Waterproofing for Iowa

Thunderstorms come in large quantities in the southern areas of Iowa. With this also comes large amounts of water. If the proper waterproofing steps have not been taken, that water could ultimately end up in your home’s basement or crawl space. Installing the proper water vapor barriers and sump pumps will alleviate the worry that your family’s home will become your family’s wading pool.

The first thing you may want to check out is your exterior drainage system. Make sure your rain gutters aren’t clogged. If they are clogged that could cause pooling near your foundation. Next, make sure a proper perimeter drain system was installed in your home. Also, check to see if your house has waterproofed walls.

If you notice wall cracks on your foundation walls we can fix that too. Wall cracks can appear for many different reasons. You could have poor drainage or a sinking foundation problem. We offer wall crack injection that will help repair your home in no time. Regardless of what is causing your water issues, Dry-Basement Waterproofing provides waterproofing solutions to eliminate them.

Drainage Repair

Causes of Water Intrusion

basement waterproofing Iowa CityNo matter if you have a poured concrete foundation, block walls, or a clay tile foundation, water is the number one enemy to any type of foundation. Water can infiltrate through basement walls, poor gutters, downspouts, bad drainage, and subsurface, which may lead to a wet basement and or wet crawlspace.

Checklist to prevent water problems:

  • Properly Working Gutters
  • Downspout Extensions
  • Proper Grading
  • Free Flowing Exterior Drainage System
  • Heavy Duty Sump Pump
  • Sealed Interior Drainage System
  • Wall Crack Repair

Why is it happening?

  • Poor drainage
  • Plugged or improperly installed exterior drain system
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Weak or improperly sized sump pumps
  • Poor building site preparation
  • Water pressure from under the slab
  • Wall cracks
  • Inconsistent moisture levels

Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Iowa

You need a basement waterproofing contractor you can trust. You can purchase a sump pump at the local hardware store, but your Dry Basement Waterproofing can do so much more. We can come survey your home and find an interior or exterior drainage system that will keep water away from around and under your foundation.

We have professional installers, so you know the installation will be done right. You can’t get that from your local hardware store!