Foundation Repair Iowa and Basement Waterproofing Iowa

Foundation Repair Iowa City and Dry-Basement Waterproofing is a name you will come to know and trust in the business. Owner Mark Lucas takes great pride in his company and the services that he offers. He is a hands-on owner/operator and will oversee your job from start to finish. When you call for an estimate, it will be Mark that knocks on your door to survey the problems and give you a fair and honest quote for the job at hand. He will give you different options to choose from, but will also give you his recommendation for the one that he thinks is the best solution for your specific problem.

When choosing their materials, Mark and his team choose quality, Earth Contact Products, “the very best” manufacturer of steel foundation repair Iowa , waterproofing & anchoring products in the industry. With a lifetime warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that your wet basement will be dry for many years to come. When they are finished, the team will clean up and you will never even know that you have had a construction crew in your home.

Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Iowa City

basement-truckIn Iowa City, our experts specialize in foundation repair to keep homes in top notch condition. Since Iowa experiences wet springs and hot summers, most foundations are at risk for foundation failure. Excess water around the foundation, plumbing leaks, and poorly compacted soil are a few factors that create pressure against the foundation walls. Also, this pressure causes foundation and wall cracks throughout the home. If you notice foundation shifting or movement, contact our professional immediately. By getting your foundation repaired, you could avoid costly repairs and further damage. Wall cracks and foundation issues can get worse over time, creating serious structural problems. Our team of experts can locate the source of your foundation issues by inspecting the soil around your home.

Regardless of what is causing your foundation problems, Dry-Basement Waterproofing can restore your foundation. We can install steel push piers, helical piers, and more. To straighten bowing and leaning walls, we can install quality earth plate wall anchors or wall braces. Count on Dry-Basement for all your foundation repair needs. We have the skills and knowledge to stabilize your foundation, as well as increase the longevity of your home.

After heavy rainfalls, does your basement flood? Another service we offer in Iowa City is waterproofing. If you have basement leaks or pooling water, we’ll locate the source of your water leaks. We offer basement waterproofing solutions, such as interior drainage, exterior drainage and sump pumps. Our waterproofing methods will keep your basement safe and dry for many years to come.

Dry-Basement Waterproofing proudly serves the Eastern Iowa region, including Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. We are located at 4193 Alyssa Court, Suite 11 in Iowa City, Iowa. Give Mark a call today and let him help you gain back the peace of mind, knowing that when it rains outside, it will not rain inside. For basement waterproofing in Iowa City, you can reach Mark at 319-930-2127 or 563-210-0098.

Foundation Repair Service and Basement Repair Cedar Rapids, IA

As a large provider in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, our customers will agree that our service is done right and at a reasonable price. Our foundation repair and basement waterproofing Cedar Rapids services don’t just stop there. If you have water in your yard, accompanied by a musty odor, you may have too much moisture in your crawl space. Wet, damp crawl spaces not only cause water damage, they increase heating and cooling costs. Also, they cause wet insulation, mold growth, insect infestation and buckling floors. Don’t let your wet crawl space jeopardize your family’s health and home’s structure. Increase the air quality of your home by investing in crawl space repair.

Our crawl space repair includes vapor barrier installation. Vapor barriers are designed to eliminate moisture by keeping your crawl space safe and dry. They’ll reduce humidity and regulate air temperatures in your home.

Installing crawl space piers can aid vapor barriers by closing foundation cracks and gaps. Support piers are placed deep into the ground to lift the settling crawl space to its normal position.

Also, we offer grain bin foundation repair to repair damaged grain bins in the Cedar Rapids area. We’ll make sure your grain bin is strong and functional, so your investment is protected year around. You can view some of our other great service areas below and call us today to schedule an appointment in your area.

Our Service Areas – Waterproofing Iowa

We provide foundation repair and basement waterproofing services for Central and Eastern Iowa. When dealing with Iowa’s unpredictable weather your foundation can’t take your foundation problems or wet basement too lightly.

Check out our “Service Area” to find some of the towns and cities we provide for.